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Crèche on Sundays

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform that the crèche will re-open on Sunday the 15th of September.




Sunday Crèche 1 - 4pm

Dear Mummy and Daddy,  

Every time you take me out to eat I get bored. You always yell at me to sit still and stop fighting. I can’t help but twist in my chair or run about when you take so long to eat. Then you get cross at me and we go home mad.

I have good news – now you can take me to Julie’s Restaurant for Sunday Lunch and we can all have fun. As soon as I finish lunch, I get to go play in the crèche. Sophie went last week and she said that they’ve got lots of things to make and do. She made a card for her mummy and played loads of games with all the other boys and girls. Her mummy and daddy said she could have the chicken next week.

I promis I’ll eat my dinner becuz their kidz menu has reely yummy food that’s good for me. If I clean my plate I get choclet ice cream too!

Love,Your little angel 

Julie’s is delighted to be one of the first restaurant in London to offer parents a Sunday lunchtime crèche for children from 2 years - 12 years old. Open from 1.00pm until 4.00pm every Sunday, you can dine in a relaxed and stress free atmosphere knowing that your children are being cared for, entertained and amused by our fully qualified and energetic crèche staff. 

Please note: The Sunday crèche is unfortunately not open in August